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Traditional Anniversary Gifts

We are comitted to providing you with an anniversary party to remember!
Part of that process is knowing the traditional gift to buy for each Anniversary.
Here you'll find gift giving suggestions for any Anniversary.

There are really only 8 "True" Traditional Anniversary Gifts.
Shown in this table in [brackets]
The "Other" Traditional gifts are from various knowledgeable sources.
The Modern List is from the New York Public Library Desk Reference.
Anniversary Year Traditional Modern Alt. Modern
1 [Paper] Plastics Clocks
2 Cotton Cotton/Calico China
3 Leather Leather Crystal/Glass
4 Flowers Linen/Silk/Nylon Appliances
5 Wood Wood Silverware
6 Candy/Iron Iron Wood
7 Copper/Wool Copper/Wool/Brass Desk Sets
8 Bronze/Pottery Bronze/Appliances Linen
9 Pottery/Willow Pottery Leather
10 Tin Aluminum Diamond
11 Steel Steel Jewelry
12 Silk/Linen Silk/Linen Pearl
13 Lace Lace Textiles/Fur
14 Ivory Ivory Gold
15 [Crystal] Glass Watches
20 [China] China Platinum
25 [Silver] Silver Silver
30 Pearl Pearl Pearl
35 Coral Coral/Jade Jade
40 [Ruby] Ruby/Garnet Ruby
45 Saphire Saphire Saphire
50 [Gold] Gold Gold
55 [Emerald] Emerald/Turquoise Emerald
60 [Diamond] Gold Diamond
75 Gold Diamond/Gold Gold

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